Positivity In Love: Asking Quora

Positivity is very important to me, showcasing, spreading and internalizing it. Reinforcing a positive mindset is something I need as I face my own struggles, so having a partner who is onboard with this is critically important for me. At the very least I want to help make someone’s life better, and positivity is step one: Simply leave YouTube open and press play once the alarm clock is turned off; and somebody will tell you to go grab life by the balls! Since my last partner got infuriated by this, I’ve been told to find someone else.

Once the alarm clock is turned off, somebody will tell you to go grab life by the balls!

Quora is a public social media platform that people use to ask and answer questions about life. From how should someone react in a situation that they are in, to totally hypostatical scenarios to explanations of historical events It’s an entertaining website and interactive enough to keep me company as I’m newly single. I asked the community my question:

The one response I got so far was quite cynical, but I guess that is this person’s life experience.

In essence they said: No woman will want this infusion of positivity, find a woman who will tolerate me.

After requesting answers from 150 people. I am still waiting for more insight. The website lets you request answers from particular people (and the general public) who have answered questions on similar subjects.

I’ll keep y’all updated.

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