Do We Miss Our Ex’s Or Is It Corona Speaking?

The mostly stay at home lifestyle is starting to set in. No more first dates at a bar or movie theater. You’re spending even more time using the device you are reading this from, (which was already a lot), and perhaps pizza delivery is the only in person you’ve met in weeks. These are times like no other, but one of life’s biggest questions remains, “Should I reach out to my ex?” Common reasons are:

I miss social interaction or dating: Finding a partner or even friends to hang out with can be hard. There is somebody that you know, a text message away, who might be responsive, or maybe even hop on the subway for an hour and half to stay over. During the outbreak it might feel as if they are the only person that will risk taking the trip.

I wonder what they are up to? We are curious and perhaps friends and family are also asking about them. Did they ever figure out if they actually are going to grad school or did they switch jobs or is there some random thing they are up? Or maybe you are curious as to if the exterminator ever showed up.

I hope they are okay? This crisis is a lot to handle. You might be genuinely concerned about your ex. The emotions of the breakup might have been difficult. You also know about the things they struggle with in life, and are hoping things are improving for them.

Should we get back together? Right now being shut in with a partner might sound better than being alone (even if we know that its not). Or perhaps you have had time to think things over and feel that it might work. Or maybe you want them in your life as a friend or a support.

Why I’m I so horny? While we are all shut in, we have more time to imagine things we didn’t get to do or remember what did go well. Before Corona, during Corona and after Corona, humans will want to have sex.

Staying at home probably has heightened our feelings, while the underlying questions have probably remained the same.

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