Are You Ready? (part one)

Dana reconsidered her look in the mirror. Something about her outfit just didn’t feel right. Was her corset too tight? Maybe her jeans were too baggy? Or was it the way she let her hair hang on her shoulders? Dana loosened her corset a bit and put her hair in a ponytail.  It was getting late so she gave herself another once over and decided that this was going to be it.

At the door to the apartment Dana hesitated. Should she knock? No, the doorman downstairs should have already alerted him. He had given her a questioning look when she entered the building. Perhaps she should have thrown a jacket over her outfit. The corset alone was possibly too revealing. So many questions ran through her mind. She wondered if she should turn around and go back home. The butterflies in her stomach fluttered. This was her last opportunity to turn back. It was now or never.

The door opened.

In the doorway stood a slim but fit gentleman. He looked rough as though the years had been hard on him. Yet there was something alluring, something inviting about the way he stood.


She nodded. If there was ever a chance she wanted to run more it was now. All the conversations between herself and the gentleman paled in comparison to standing at his doorstep. But here she was. He motioned for her to come in. She was hesitant but obliged. As she passed him to enter, his arm brushed her shoulder and it sent a shock wave through her body. He closed the door and swiftly pushed her against the wall of his apartment. His breath was hot against her neck as he put his arms on either side of her. There was no escape. 

Dana’s heart beat faster as the man caressed her. The roughness of his tongue felt soothing against her smooth neck. He hastily pulled at her corset releasing her breasts into the cool air. Her nipples hardened in his rough hands. She wanted him. Badly. He could do whatever he pleased with her as she felt herself melt in his hands. The sounds of their heavy breathing filled the silence of the apartment. His hand traveled to her slim neck and squeezed. Not hard. Just enough to let her lose her breath for a few seconds. It felt…she had no words for how it felt. This was what she had needed. With his other hand he gently pulled the ponytail out of her hair. 

“That’s it.”

He easily lifted her up and threw her over his shoulder. He carried her to his room and gently laid Dana on the bed. With one swift motion off came her pants. Then slowly, teasing her inner thighs with each touch, he took off her underwear.

“Spread them.”

He watched as Dana obediently spread her arms and legs. From under the bed he pulled restraints and carefully strapped Dana up.

“Are you ready?”

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