Affirmations: I Have Great Sex Often

Disclaimer, none of this is confirmed science, it is simply something I am trying out.

Affirmations are a very powerful tool for consciously adjusting our thought process, eventually “rewiring” our brains, to think in a different way. Sex is perhaps the number one thing our brains focus on; tapping into that will hopefully be the express track to “rewiring”. 

How do affirmations create success? Generally people say that once something is on their vision board, the “good vibes of the universe,” bring their goals to life. It probably is that the opportunities were there all along, but now that you picture it, it comes to the forefront. For example the guy you met at a bar once has been posting pictures of his career on Facebook the entire time, but now, your mind trains your eyes to actually slow down at that particular post, stopping super speed thumb flicking in its tracks.

Since it is true that I want to have more sex, I will start with that. Adding statements about my overall (and sexual) success in life, makes the statements feel real. Affirmations put all of this into the present tense, so that the mind will believe all of these goals are achievable.

Here’s a sneak peek at my list:

  • I am at a place of euphoria
  • My spouse is wealthy
  • I create a comforting place for sexual exploration
  • I am a strong businessman
  • I am honest

Affirmations begin with our conscious thought pattern, and works towards the neurological program; whereas sexual thinking begins at the neurology and works towards action. 

In my tentative list of affirmations. the shorter the statement the better. This allows me to silently say the statements, to halt negative thoughts. For example if I start to feel badly about taking up too many resources, I stop and say: “I use everything that I’m given.” That could mean using what I’m given to help others, to build success, get through school, or something else. I shorten the statements so that I can say them quickly. Some of these statements go deep into my sexual fantasies and experience:

  • Bondage Drives Me Wild
  • Women Use Me As a Toy
  • She Spanks Me
  • I Deserve Great Sex

Currently, I am taking a deep dive on each line of my affirmation story; capturing my thoughts and doing a little bit of research. I am also writing the statement 100 times as if I were old school and in detention.

I think some of the most effective affirmations for opening up the neurological will be the ones that have both sexual and non sexual meaning to me:

  • Cubicles will not confine me
  • I have the best partner in the world
  • I am not normal peoples

Once I attempt to utilize sexuality to open the neurological, I think inputting non sexual thought patterns will be much easier. Again this is not a science experiment. I’ll have to keep you updated as to if that becomes my experience. There are also binaural beats on YouTube for affirmations, but I am not yet sure if I want to try those out.

The brain sexually, is a very powerful part of our bodies, let’s see if I can utilize that energy to build overall success.

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