Are You Ready? (cont.)

Dana lay there vulnerable. Her body laid bare for him to admire. Her wetness glistened as he devoured her with his eyes. He had not even touched her body, not fully, yet she felt as though he had touched her soul. He left a trail of burning kisses all along her body as all her doubts and fears disappeared. She watched as he relished in her exposed body, basking in all her glory. He reminded her of a predator, ready to pounce on her defenseless body with the slightest of ease.

She had been longing for this touch. To feel as vulnerable as she was now. He had complete control over every sensation she was to feel. And control he did. His rough hands brought her to her climax first. Then his tongue multiple times. Her tender orifice pulsed with need as he continued to pleasure her unrelentingly. When she felt as though she could take no more, he released the straps and flipped her over on all fours.

“Are you ready?”

His voice was husky now, filled with utter desire. Dana could only utter a low moan. As he entered her from behind, she stiffened as immense pleasure flooded her body once again. He had her on cloud nine, moaning with each stroke. She could think of nothing else that could make her feel aroused. Her moans soon turned into a gasp as she absorbed the impact of his firm hand on her soft bottom. With each stroke his hand created a rhythm against her butt. It was turning her on more than the act of intercourse itself.

“I’m Ready!” Dana shouted.

He kept going. Harder and harder. Dana moaned louder and louder. She didn’t care who heard her. This was her release. She could finally let go of the weight that was holding her down. No longer did she feel a stranger to her own body.

She was freed. 


After their session was over, Dana snuggled up to her partner. She traced her finger contentedly down his chest. Their roleplay night had been a complete success. 

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