A Weekend “Away”: That 2020 Life (part one)

“We’re Still going on vacation!” Sam gleemingfully typed in his message to Valarie as she was getting on the metro. What’s he up to?, she wonders, knowing that she landed the class clown as her live-in boyfriend; hopefully it was a plan to feel relaxed. The train car was filling at each stop, along with the tenseness. “Thank you to our essential workers,” the conductor spoke on the intercom, “Everybody else get the fuck off my train, We need a distance of,” Valarie rolled her eyes and replied to Sam, “as long as I don’t have to hear the words six feet,”

“They use meters where we’re going,” Sam replied followed by, “jk”. Looking in the mirror he finished buttoning the “uniform” he pulled together from random clothing. Okay, time to go downstairs to the lobby, Valarie will be here any minute now.

As she walked towards the entrance, she gave Sam a half confused half happy look. “Right this way Ma’ma,” Sam said taking hold of her briefcase and pressing for the elevator.

Right at the apartment entryway, Sam had his computer set up on the high table, however, he quickly ushered Valerie right passed it, handing her a piece of paper, “The flight is boarding, Ms. Parkland, I’m here to get you through to the gate,” 

“Okay, I guess,” Valerie said, halfway amused as they approached a tall triangular ladder. Holding a large basket, he attempted to dominantly bark:

“Shoes!” At which point Valarie busted into somewhat huge laughter. Sam’s not a natural dom, Valarie says to herself, he knows this. “Jacket,” Sam tried to continue, “You think this is a joke Ms. Parkland, we have eight other passengers waiting on you,”

“Well, yeah,” Valarie tried to compose herself,

“Good,” Sam said, waving a penis shaped vibrator around her, as if it were a security wand. This is absolutely ridiculous, Valarie said to herself as she grabbed the vibrator right out of Sam’s hands and held it upwards like the celebrities’ hold a microphone at the end of a concert. She unbuttoned her navy blue dress shirt and just let it fall to the floor, as she walked into the living room. Sam followed but waited at the doorway while Valarie sat down in her favorite rocking chair.

Drawing to add once have cartoonist. Woman holds up penis shaped vibrator as she walks away from a ladder, with the very top of the room beginning to fill with smoke

“I’m Sam, your Captain speaking,” ” he began, “I’m the only one running this airline as you probably figured out by now, so wish me luck.” 

The next couple of minutes were uneventful while Valaire looked around the room and indeed there were eight stuffed animals on the couches. In the corner next to the tv; they had a teamaker so she warmed some up and sat back down in a rocking chair, still bemused by this whole stunt. She decided to take her trousers off and hold the vibrater, upside down,

with the head above her undies, above her clit. Turning it on, it was much stronger than she had braced for; causing her to jolt backward really fast. This of course made the vibrator fall on her and gave the chair a little jolt, right as burnt cake smelling smoke began to fill the room. Woah, this is unintentionally intense, Valarie thought to herself as all three smoke alarms began “ert, ert, ert” wildly. 

to be continued.

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