Tommy and His TA (part one)

A physics teacher assistant tell her story:

Tommy was assigned to my physics class, I’m the TA and that was my second semester. Enough time to have rigged the lab correctly but not enough time to not take it personally when students struggled to understand the material; which I guess worked in my favor. 

It would be around 8pm once Tommy’s practice and dinner was finished; prime time for the bustling library but I knew there was a table set aside for us. The lab was my home though, and I knew the in and outs well enough to feel safe. 

Anyway, twice, maybe three times a week we would go down and redo the experiments, with more time to watch and take notes. He had his moments of sweetness including, when he asked why I wasn’t with my boyfriend or girlfriend as we worked on the fourteenth; I said I never had one. He said nonsense, not with someone as smart as I was. He ordered us some pizza, and I grabbed the telescope and a blanket, so that we could sit on the roof. 

He opened up to me, even more that evening, telling me the hardest things about being on the football team. The social pressure and macho energy was hard to keep up with, he said. Sometimes he was afraid he would break a bone or have a concussion. He tried to not think about those things. We laid there shoulders touching, watching the stars past midnight. He turned towards me and began to say something, but I was just staring into his eyes and slowly I dove in for a kiss. I know that he moved his lips towards me; but he stopped. “You’re too quality to get caught up in the sports sluts labelling,” 

I stood up to tower over him, legs arching over him. “That’s not how that actually works,” I told him, “you’ll see.”

But that was all the sweetness that he felt he could show, until right before March break. Once everyone had left the lab for the afternoon, he, still seated, asked me if we could do the lab for the next day. When I asked him why, he paused for a while before saying “I want to impress Mariah,”. 

“But you like me,” I confidently informed him. After a long pause he sighed, “yeah but,”

I started to tap my fingers on his head, and started encircling the chair.

“Wait, wooh,” Tommy asks, “What are you doing?”

“Oh, you’re mine, Tommy” I explained, “From when you first laid your eyes on me, you know that,” 

“Ooo, oh,” Tommy replies, with some crackling of apprehensive excitement in his voice. “You really want this?…”

“It’s not a want, Tommy, it’s a need,” I told him, standing above the chair, leaning into the back of it. “I need this,” I continue, kneeling down to grab the crotch area of his blue denim jeans, sliding my finger above his waist, up towards his chest. I was clamping my hand to feel his slightly elevated heartbeat. I kneeled down, in front of him, firmly holding the bottom half of his legs, motioning for him to move them further apart, he slowly obeyed. I had straps on the chair and quickly tied his legs to them. I undid his pants buckle. Through his boxer briefs, I could see the big round bulge and growing centerpiece. I swiped my fingers over it and around, giving him a big smile. 

This was the big moment of truth, I stood up and retreated towards the sink desk, opening the drawer to grab the other set of handcuffs. “In all seriousness, you’re okay with this, right? We can stop and we can laugh this whole thing off as the batshit TA

“Yeah,..but…. you better get those handcuffs befo…,” He began while I gleafully ran back towards him, quickly snapping shut the cuffs to the chair and his wrists. 

“There,” I said with emphasis, I said before going back to a front kneeling position. With his undies still on, I very lightly slid my teeth across his bulge, making it really perky. Now I REALLY wanted to see, so having both of my hands gripping around his legs, using my mouth, I pulled on the top strap of his undies, shaking my mouth, pulling side to side on the underwear band. Being sure to stare up for added eye contact, Why can’t I get them off, I ask myself. He probably thinks I’m teasing him, but this is a straight up blooper…

To Be Continued 

drawing to add once have cartoonist: Tommy (heavyset male) tied to a classroom chair, with narrator (female) kneeling in front of Tommy. Telescope in the background. 

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