Tommy and His TA part two

Click here if you didn’t get to read part one

So now both of my hands are gripping around his legs, and using my mouth, I pull on his underwear band, moving side to side. He’s at least average, I can see. I’m being sure to stare up for added eye contact. Why can’t I get them off?, I’m trying to figure out. He probably thinks I’m teasing him, but this is a straight up blooper moment. I start stressing out a bit, shaking a little, 

“It’s okay to use your” Tommy reassuringly rubbed my shoulders with his legs. 

I grabbed hold of his undies, and with both hands, pulled them all the way down. And perked he was! Confidence back, I went to start the job by suckling slowly on the tip before taking about half of him in. This is where I started going up and down As I could start to feel him verbalating, I slowly stopped, just in time to keep his cum in its track, the shaft. 

I moved to put the chair on the floor, putting his head on the floor, and crotch upwards at a 90 degree angle. Now it was time to really start going fast. I licked up and down the underside of his shaft, which was just enough to make that cum finally fly out onto my cheek. Undoing the cuffs, I want Tommy to think I’m done so that he resets faster for round two. “Mave, that was amaz…” he says

” I know,”  I replied before barking, “Walk to the chalkboard,” 

Tommy looked at me halfway confused, possibly still in a daze, “walk to the chalkboard,” I repeat. He slowly does, and knows to pick up the chalk. “Now write: I am Mave’s now” he quickly complies. “Now keep writing that, until it soaks in,” I commanded as I walk to the telephone in the back of the room. 

“You want Chinese food,” I yell. He also starts to write, I am chicken lo mein on the board. Smh, I think to myself as I go back to finish putting in the order. 30 minutes, I’m told. Good, cause imma need food after this….

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