Tommy and His TA (part 3)

If you missed part two, click here

“I think you’ve written enough,” I tell Tommy, “You do need a spanking though,” I wink, “Just so you know that I’m fun.”  

I walk back up to the chalkboard, to excitingly grab Tommy’s hand. I walk back to the lab booth, so that I can motion for him to crawl, butt upwards on to a table.

I have a bit of a surprise for him, underneath the next table over, I had one of those tiny eight can soda fridge, filled with a bag of ice cubes, next to a bucket of really cold water. I throw the ice into the water and tip toe back towards him; walking behind the table so that he doesn’t see me. Standing right over his bum, I hurriedly dumped the bucket. He jumps up a quite a bit and start to turn his head back to see what the hell I did, before I ask, 

“Do I have to restrain you again?” Hopefully he really likes me to, but one handcuff early on is still cool. Curious as to how he’ll answer, I take two fingers and slide them up along his spine, to his neck. I moved along the table so that I could see his face; hopefully this is teasing him a little. 

“No ma’am,” Tommy replies about me wanting to restrain him again and quickly stiffens up his body to show he is ready to submit 

“Ah, okay,” I responded, holding back my disappointment, still having fun. While still facing him, so he can see, I unbuckle my belt, before trailing the end of the strap down his spine, back towards his bum, which I massage a little, before standing back. I extend the belt and strongly whip a first lash. I still see him jump very slightly, so I come back to the table and use my forearm and elbow to press down in place the grove right between his butt and spine. With my other hand, I started spanking away, full strength and speed, until my wrist grew tired. Going back to his head, I place my wrist on top of his mouth, so that he can suck massage it. After a moment, Tommy turns around onto his back, fully firm, erection wise, again. 

“Hop on,” he says in excited encouragement. 

Hmm, okay, I think to myself as he points to his backpack. I open it up to find a few condoms, and then I hurl myself onto the table and sink onto him. He semi firmly squeezes my ass as I face, both of us with gleaming smiles. I start going up and down, I like to rotate going faster and going slower back down a few times. This is even more than I was expecting. I’m circling my hips and body around a few minutes. Once I can see in his tensing up facial expression that he’s about to cum, I use my hand to take him outside of me and lower myself to touch tips and kiss. He got really passionate, lips flapping and tongue swirling.

As he held my face, I could just feel a semester’s worth of pent up romance, all in this one moment. As I slide my lips towards the side of his neck, the phone rings.

I walk over and answer. “Food’s here, I’ll get it,” I yell. 

“Good, cause I can’t hold it any longer,” Tommy yells, while using his hand to push the cum out and into the air. 

“Mave, wow. You are mine.” He says to me, “and not even because of this. All semester, you’ve been so great to me, I like you.”

Both glowing in tired happiness, we dig into our food and both silently dream as to what next time together will be like and what meaning it might have for us. 

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