Asking for Help, Giving A Path Forward

Strip Clubs Sue for Small Business Economic Support

Sex related industries were among the hardest hit by Coronavirus related closings; however, the Small Business Administration, felt they should be excluded from federal relief. Before entering the Economic Industry Disaster Loan (including a grant) application, applicants were required to certify that their business wasn’t of “prurient sexual nature.” Since the grant money was to be given on a first come, first serve basis, this effectively shut these businesses out of getting the advance that wouldn’t have to be repaid. There is no legal justication for this, so 42 strip clubs got an injunction ordering the SBA to give them funding for the centerpiece of CARES Act business support. The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) gives businesses money to maintain payroll (even if there is nothing for employees to do) and for some other basic expenses like rent. The rules are complicated and there is confusion as to if stripers who are independent contractors, could get pay from the club owners from the PPP, since even CPAs can’t make this program sound simple.

Companies like strip clubs are really going to suffer even while the conutry attempts to “reopen.” States are considering how necessary and how COVID proof, an indursy is, when deciding the order of who gets to reopen next. Consturion for example is pretty necessary, and with workers used to wearing protective gear, the risks of transmissions are lower. Society doesn’t view strip clubs, as all that necessary, and with close contact transmission risks are higher. There is no social distance on a lap dance, and very little in the food and bar section.

Porn Industry Says their Safety Procedures Can Inform COVID recovery.

A lot of people don’t like to see condoms when watching porn and sex with lots of people comes with it’s onw risks as well. The porn indrusy handles the creation of this fantasy with a strict remine of STI testing. Any positive result, which is rare because people have sex in a strict pool of people, warrents an industry wide shut down. COVID is spread much more easily than STI’s so avoiding it outside of work is probably unfeasible. It does however have a window to show up on testing before being spread. If somebody is test negative as they enter their workplace, we can probably rest assured that they won’t spread it to co-workers. This might be invasive to many and perhaps expensive, but it’s not too unlike how pornography production works.

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