• Asking for Help, Giving A Path Forward

    Strip Clubs Sue for Small Business Economic Support

    Sex related industries were among the hardest hit by Coronavirus related closings; however, the Small Business Administration, felt they should be excluded from federal relief. Before entering the Economic Industry Disaster Loan (including a grant) application, applicants were required to certify that their business wasn’t of “prurient sexual nature.” Since the grant money was to be given on a first come, first serve basis, this effectively shut these businesses out of getting the advance that wouldn’t have to be repaid. There is no legal justication for this, so 42 strip clubs got an injunction ordering the SBA to give them funding for the centerpiece of CARES Act business support. The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) gives businesses money to maintain payroll (even if there is nothing for employees to do) and for some other basic expenses like rent. The rules are complicated and there is confusion as to if stripers who are independent contractors, could get pay from the club owners from the PPP, since even CPAs can’t make this program sound simple.

    Companies like strip clubs are really going to suffer even while the conutry attempts to “reopen.” States are considering how necessary and how COVID proof, an indursy is, when deciding the order of who gets to reopen next. Consturion for example is pretty necessary, and with workers used to wearing protective gear, the risks of transmissions are lower. Society doesn’t view strip clubs, as all that necessary, and with close contact transmission risks are higher. There is no social distance on a lap dance, and very little in the food and bar section.

    Porn Industry Says their Safety Procedures Can Inform COVID recovery.

    A lot of people don’t like to see condoms when watching porn and sex with lots of people comes with it’s onw risks as well. The porn indrusy handles the creation of this fantasy with a strict remine of STI testing. Any positive result, which is rare because people have sex in a strict pool of people, warrents an industry wide shut down. COVID is spread much more easily than STI’s so avoiding it outside of work is probably unfeasible. It does however have a window to show up on testing before being spread. If somebody is test negative as they enter their workplace, we can probably rest assured that they won’t spread it to co-workers. This might be invasive to many and perhaps expensive, but it’s not too unlike how pornography production works.

  • Tommy and His TA (part 3)

    If you missed part two, click here

    “I think you’ve written enough,” I tell Tommy, “You do need a spanking though,” I wink, “Just so you know that I’m fun.”  

    I walk back up to the chalkboard, to excitingly grab Tommy’s hand. I walk back to the lab booth, so that I can motion for him to crawl, butt upwards on to a table.

    I have a bit of a surprise for him, underneath the next table over, I had one of those tiny eight can soda fridge, filled with a bag of ice cubes, next to a bucket of really cold water. I throw the ice into the water and tip toe back towards him; walking behind the table so that he doesn’t see me. Standing right over his bum, I hurriedly dumped the bucket. He jumps up a quite a bit and start to turn his head back to see what the hell I did, before I ask, 

    “Do I have to restrain you again?” Hopefully he really likes me to, but one handcuff early on is still cool. Curious as to how he’ll answer, I take two fingers and slide them up along his spine, to his neck. I moved along the table so that I could see his face; hopefully this is teasing him a little. 

    “No ma’am,” Tommy replies about me wanting to restrain him again and quickly stiffens up his body to show he is ready to submit 

    “Ah, okay,” I responded, holding back my disappointment, still having fun. While still facing him, so he can see, I unbuckle my belt, before trailing the end of the strap down his spine, back towards his bum, which I massage a little, before standing back. I extend the belt and strongly whip a first lash. I still see him jump very slightly, so I come back to the table and use my forearm and elbow to press down in place the grove right between his butt and spine. With my other hand, I started spanking away, full strength and speed, until my wrist grew tired. Going back to his head, I place my wrist on top of his mouth, so that he can suck massage it. After a moment, Tommy turns around onto his back, fully firm, erection wise, again. 

    “Hop on,” he says in excited encouragement. 

    Hmm, okay, I think to myself as he points to his backpack. I open it up to find a few condoms, and then I hurl myself onto the table and sink onto him. He semi firmly squeezes my ass as I face, both of us with gleaming smiles. I start going up and down, I like to rotate going faster and going slower back down a few times. This is even more than I was expecting. I’m circling my hips and body around a few minutes. Once I can see in his tensing up facial expression that he’s about to cum, I use my hand to take him outside of me and lower myself to touch tips and kiss. He got really passionate, lips flapping and tongue swirling.

    As he held my face, I could just feel a semester’s worth of pent up romance, all in this one moment. As I slide my lips towards the side of his neck, the phone rings.

    I walk over and answer. “Food’s here, I’ll get it,” I yell. 

    “Good, cause I can’t hold it any longer,” Tommy yells, while using his hand to push the cum out and into the air. 

    “Mave, wow. You are mine.” He says to me, “and not even because of this. All semester, you’ve been so great to me, I like you.”

    Both glowing in tired happiness, we dig into our food and both silently dream as to what next time together will be like and what meaning it might have for us. 

  • Romantic Lust

    We tend to think of lust as an intense sexual desire for a specific person, but could similar feelings extend to romance, without being true love?

    In my and many others experiences, the dating “process,” begins with physical appearance, and then sometimes extends into appreciating somebody for who they are as a person. This is simply because time is limited and there are many options. Sometimes the feeling that drives somebody to interact with a potential date (or hookup) is quite intense, in a fun way. As those conversations, in person, on social media, etc, continue, the lust further intensifies, as the odds of having a sexual experience with said person are shooting upwards. Once we have the first sexual experience with them, it either intensifies further, or feels anticlimactic (even if there is a climax). The feeling of lust can last months, or even years, and sometimes this gives the opportunity to get to know the person a little or quite well. 

     But could that added appreciation for somebody as a person still be just lust, in the sense that there is yearning and passion without being truly loving? Perhaps this happens when we think highly of somebody, and feel lucky to be graced by their presence, but don’t feel that we are gaining an understanding of who they are. Perhaps they don’t open up in terms of being themselves around us, or being emotionally vulnerable around us. Worst yet, maybe I begin to find that I really don’t like this person or simply aren’t a good match, but I really enjoy our time together. (I for one certainly love to argue with people). 

    But more often than not, I think (almost definitionly), love takes the active participation of both people, whereas lust often only needs to be felt by one person. It is certainly possible to love somebody without being loved in return. It is really hard to get to a point where we have a deep appreciation for who somebody is as a person, if they have not opened up to us. 

    Of course nothing is always this simple. Sometimes even if my crush has opened up to me and shown emotional vulnerability, the feeling of love really doesn’t develop. Perhaps I have had this happen before, where I appreciated somebody as a crush and also for their accompaniments; but the times spent together on balance didn’t feel so good. Having a sapiosexual thought pattern, it might have even been more difficult for me to understand this; because the conversations and process of getting to know somebody is a turn on in itself. As the months went by, I still felt I was with a top rate person and loved to give them gifts and cards. When it came to making compromises and sacrifices, I really didn’t feel inspired to do so. (Also because the things they damned were outside of my control). I am generally not good at compromises, but enjoy helping someone I care about. Thus, I realized, my “love” wasn’t actually growing. 

    So can romance still be just a type of lust? I think so, in that lust is a strong desire to want (to be with) somebody, while love is a desire to be supportive.

  • Tommy and His TA part two

    Click here if you didn’t get to read part one

    So now both of my hands are gripping around his legs, and using my mouth, I pull on his underwear band, moving side to side. He’s at least average, I can see. I’m being sure to stare up for added eye contact. Why can’t I get them off?, I’m trying to figure out. He probably thinks I’m teasing him, but this is a straight up blooper moment. I start stressing out a bit, shaking a little, 

    “It’s okay to use your” Tommy reassuringly rubbed my shoulders with his legs. 

    I grabbed hold of his undies, and with both hands, pulled them all the way down. And perked he was! Confidence back, I went to start the job by suckling slowly on the tip before taking about half of him in. This is where I started going up and down As I could start to feel him verbalating, I slowly stopped, just in time to keep his cum in its track, the shaft. 

    I moved to put the chair on the floor, putting his head on the floor, and crotch upwards at a 90 degree angle. Now it was time to really start going fast. I licked up and down the underside of his shaft, which was just enough to make that cum finally fly out onto my cheek. Undoing the cuffs, I want Tommy to think I’m done so that he resets faster for round two. “Mave, that was amaz…” he says

    ” I know,”  I replied before barking, “Walk to the chalkboard,” 

    Tommy looked at me halfway confused, possibly still in a daze, “walk to the chalkboard,” I repeat. He slowly does, and knows to pick up the chalk. “Now write: I am Mave’s now” he quickly complies. “Now keep writing that, until it soaks in,” I commanded as I walk to the telephone in the back of the room. 

    “You want Chinese food,” I yell. He also starts to write, I am chicken lo mein on the board. Smh, I think to myself as I go back to finish putting in the order. 30 minutes, I’m told. Good, cause imma need food after this….

  • Unemployment, (lower) Income Credits, and other 2020 tax tips (United States)


    With a record number of people filing for unemployment and widened categories, there has been crying, confusion, and crashes. While this is not news or financial advice, As a former tax preparer, I wanted to share my thoughts (i.e. a little bit of context).

    The option is given to have 10% withheld from the payments sent to you, for federal income taxes. In states that have their own income tax, there is also the option to withhold for that as well (in New York it is 2.5%). Just like withholdings from a job, this is an attempt to not have to owe more come April 2021. Be warned that even if you elect the withholdings, you still might owe, because taking a flat percentage of money isn’t good tax planning by the state. Or you might get a refund.   

    So should you have taxes withheld? This depends entirely on personal circumstances but here are my thoughts:

    1. If you absolutely need all of the money from unemployment, 

    click no on withholdings. Your health and safety are a now problem, taxes are a next year problem

    1. Do you always rush to file as soon as you get all of your documents? With unemployment being taxable, people don’t always realize that they might owe, since they are used to getting a refund. So if you’re a sometimes dilly dally with tax filings, person, say yes to withholdings.
    2. How much money were you making and how much were you having withheld (before your job loss)? Here’s the amount of income for the year (including unemployment) people can make before having to pay any federal income taxes: …. Even if your income so far is below these limits, unemployment withholdings might still be advisable. 

    Saving for Retirement:

    Roth IRAs are a type of retirement account that you don’t need an employer to utilize. After tax dollars are used to fund Roth IRAs, so the money grows and is withdrawn tax free when you retire. Since many people will be in lower tax brackets this year, it might make sense to contribute now to avoid higher taxes later.  

    Self Employed with dependents:

    It is especially important to keep records of income received (and expenses), this year. If your profits are modest (or even a loss that offsets W2 wages), you might end up qualifying for the Earned Income Credit, which can provide huge refunds. Your audit risk is higher because these credits can be easily abused (someone can just say they made x amount of money to get thousands). The other main reason for Earned Income Credit audits is that the benefit stops increasing at three children. Some fraud has taken place where someone would let somebody else claim their additional children (maybe even getting a kickback) for the credit. States like New York are known to ask people for proof that you actually took care of those children.

    A blog post can not be tax advice, but these are some things that are worth researching in Twenty twenty. 

    Editors Note: On the third Tuesday of each month, I plan to release a post about a financial topic. Look forward to our thoughts on how sex and dating could change if quarteen impacts the choices of where to enroll for college.

  • Tommy and His TA (part one)

    A physics teacher assistant tell her story:

    Tommy was assigned to my physics class, I’m the TA and that was my second semester. Enough time to have rigged the lab correctly but not enough time to not take it personally when students struggled to understand the material; which I guess worked in my favor. 

    It would be around 8pm once Tommy’s practice and dinner was finished; prime time for the bustling library but I knew there was a table set aside for us. The lab was my home though, and I knew the in and outs well enough to feel safe. 

    Anyway, twice, maybe three times a week we would go down and redo the experiments, with more time to watch and take notes. He had his moments of sweetness including, when he asked why I wasn’t with my boyfriend or girlfriend as we worked on the fourteenth; I said I never had one. He said nonsense, not with someone as smart as I was. He ordered us some pizza, and I grabbed the telescope and a blanket, so that we could sit on the roof. 

    He opened up to me, even more that evening, telling me the hardest things about being on the football team. The social pressure and macho energy was hard to keep up with, he said. Sometimes he was afraid he would break a bone or have a concussion. He tried to not think about those things. We laid there shoulders touching, watching the stars past midnight. He turned towards me and began to say something, but I was just staring into his eyes and slowly I dove in for a kiss. I know that he moved his lips towards me; but he stopped. “You’re too quality to get caught up in the sports sluts labelling,” 

    I stood up to tower over him, legs arching over him. “That’s not how that actually works,” I told him, “you’ll see.”

    But that was all the sweetness that he felt he could show, until right before March break. Once everyone had left the lab for the afternoon, he, still seated, asked me if we could do the lab for the next day. When I asked him why, he paused for a while before saying “I want to impress Mariah,”. 

    “But you like me,” I confidently informed him. After a long pause he sighed, “yeah but,”

    I started to tap my fingers on his head, and started encircling the chair.

    “Wait, wooh,” Tommy asks, “What are you doing?”

    “Oh, you’re mine, Tommy” I explained, “From when you first laid your eyes on me, you know that,” 

    “Ooo, oh,” Tommy replies, with some crackling of apprehensive excitement in his voice. “You really want this?…”

    “It’s not a want, Tommy, it’s a need,” I told him, standing above the chair, leaning into the back of it. “I need this,” I continue, kneeling down to grab the crotch area of his blue denim jeans, sliding my finger above his waist, up towards his chest. I was clamping my hand to feel his slightly elevated heartbeat. I kneeled down, in front of him, firmly holding the bottom half of his legs, motioning for him to move them further apart, he slowly obeyed. I had straps on the chair and quickly tied his legs to them. I undid his pants buckle. Through his boxer briefs, I could see the big round bulge and growing centerpiece. I swiped my fingers over it and around, giving him a big smile. 

    This was the big moment of truth, I stood up and retreated towards the sink desk, opening the drawer to grab the other set of handcuffs. “In all seriousness, you’re okay with this, right? We can stop and we can laugh this whole thing off as the batshit TA

    “Yeah,..but…. you better get those handcuffs befo…,” He began while I gleafully ran back towards him, quickly snapping shut the cuffs to the chair and his wrists. 

    “There,” I said with emphasis, I said before going back to a front kneeling position. With his undies still on, I very lightly slid my teeth across his bulge, making it really perky. Now I REALLY wanted to see, so having both of my hands gripping around his legs, using my mouth, I pulled on the top strap of his undies, shaking my mouth, pulling side to side on the underwear band. Being sure to stare up for added eye contact, Why can’t I get them off, I ask myself. He probably thinks I’m teasing him, but this is a straight up blooper…

    To Be Continued 

    drawing to add once have cartoonist: Tommy (heavyset male) tied to a classroom chair, with narrator (female) kneeling in front of Tommy. Telescope in the background. 

  • Never Have I Ever

    After watching the wildly popular Never Have I Ever on Netflix, (at the time of writing it’s currently trending as #5 in their top 10 in the U.S. today), I was reminded of this popular game. Although I have always heard about it I don’t think I have ever played it a day in my life. So I’ve decided to play a quick “sexy” version on my own. I do know you’re supposed to play with a partner or partners but it’s quarantine and I’m bored. I have answered with drinks next to all I’ve done.

    1. Never have I ever… woken up next to a stranger. 🍷
    2. Never have I ever… had a threesome. 🍷
    3. Never have I ever… had sex without a condom. 🍷
    4. Never have I ever… kicked someone out after having sex. 🍷
    5. Never have I ever… had sexual wishes I wouldn’t discuss with my partner.🍷
    6. Never have I ever… injured myself while masturbating.
    7. Never have I ever… had kinky sex. 🍷
    8. Never have I ever… lied about having sex.
    9. Never have I ever… had breakfast in bed. 🍷
    10. Never have I ever… looked at my phone during sex. 🍷
    11. Never have I ever… laughed when seeing someone’s genitals.
    12. Never have I ever… slept with a stranger. 🍷
    13. Never have I ever… hidden sexual messages from my partner. 🍷
    14. Never have I ever… rolled up a skirt to make it shorter. 🍷
    15. Never have I ever… tried bondage.
    16. Never have I ever… had a partner with a sex piercing.
    17. Never have I ever… taken nudes. 🍷
    18. Never have I ever… paid attention to the plot of a porn movie.
    19. Never have I ever… used edible underwear. 🍷
    20. Never have I ever… been a part of double penetration. 🍷
    21. Never have I ever… visited a party just to hookup.
    22. Never have I ever… faked an orgasm. 🍷
    23. Never have I ever… searched for someone’s nude pictures online.
    24. Never have I ever… spoken dirty to my partner. 🍷
    25. Never have I ever… sent or received nudes. 🍷
    26. Never have I ever… gotten sperm in my hair. 🍷
    27. Never have I ever… had fantasies about a friend while having sex with my partner. 🍷
    28. Never have I ever… tried cybersex.
    29. Never have I ever… had to find an excuse for a cum stain.
    30. Never have I ever… had sex that lasted over an hour. 🍷
    31. Never have I ever… had a bedroom injury. 🍷
    32. Never have I ever… played strip poker.
    33. Never have I ever… used handcuffs during sex. 🍷
    34. Never have I ever… had someone strip for me.
    35. Never have I ever… had more than three orgasms in one day.
    36. Never have I ever… been walked in by my parents while fooling around.
    37. Never have I ever… been ashamed after sleeping with someone. 🍷
    38. Never have I ever… had a one night stand. 🍷
    39. Never have I ever… fallen in love at first sight.
    40. Never have I ever… kissed on the first date. 🍷
    41. Never have I ever… been on a dating website. 🍷
    42. Never have I ever… been turned down.
    43. Never have I ever… dated more than one person at once. 🍷
    44. Never have I ever… gone speed dating.
    45. Never have I ever… been dumped.
    46. Never have I ever… hooked up with someone I met online. 🍷
    47. Never have I ever… said “I love you” to someone. 🍷
    48. Never have I ever… said “I love you” without meaning it. 🍷
    49. Never have I ever…. slept with someone twice my age. 🍷
    50. Never have I ever… hooked up with someone I just met within the first 24 hours. 🍷
    51. Never have I ever… dated someone for more than a year. 🍷
    52. Never have I ever… brought someone home to meet the parents. 🍷
    53. Never have I ever… spied on an ex online.
    54. Never have I ever… had a rebound.
    55. Never have I ever… dated someone just to make someone else jealous. 🍷
    56. Never have I ever… lied about being single because I wasn’t interested in the person.
    57. Never have I ever… used Tinder to meet a date. 🍷
    58. Never have I ever… slept with someone I wasn’t attracted to. 🍷
    59. Never have I ever… flirted with someone when I was taken. 🍷
    60. Never have I ever… flirted with someone when I knew they were taken. 🍷
    61. Never have I ever… peeked at someone else while they were changing.
    62. Never have I ever… owned a Kama Sutra.
    63. Never have I ever… tried a flavored condom. 🍷
  • Spanking : Unpleasant or Gratifying?

    I have an aversion to spanking: the word and the action. Blame my parents possibly? It’s just something that I find difficult to get behind.

    Now don’t get me wrong, there is something satisfying about feeling a few hard slaps against my derriere when engaging in intercourse. To be honest, (dare I say it?), it is a turn on. However, it also deeply terrifies me. Whether I know that SLAP! is coming or if I am caught off guard, the way my heart jumps when I finally feel it disturbs me.

    I am no stranger to pain. In fact, I quite like it to certain degrees. It has been my motto/mantra for years now: pain is pleasure and pleasure is pain. I can sit through piercings and tattoos. I love an aggressive partner who can pull my hair or choke me with willful abandon. It feels AMAZING! I’ve had partners where I have had to guide them in their use of pain against me. I am not a delicate young woman yet they seemed frightened to be more aggressive. I even tolerate partners who have been a bit too rough (biting or gripping sensitive areas too hard). But let me see a hand from the corner of my eye and I stiffen up like a cat who has seen a ghost. Now I won’t move or yell stop; I take it,and more often than not continue as though I didn’t just have half a heart attack. However, I feel I should not be ready to take off running when a partner gets a little hand happy with my bottom.

    As a child I didn’t get in trouble often and if I did, I definitely did not get a spanking. So maybe we won’t blame my parents for scarring me beyond imagination. In my teenage years, I watched quite a few porn videos wherein the woman’s behind goes from lily-white to deep red as she moans in pleasure. I have also seen spanking videos that I feel have taken it too far for my tastes. (We won’t get into those. They were disturbing but they also didn’t keep me from being interested.) After these experiences I personally would have thought I would be ready to take a few smacks on my behind. Yet now in my adulthood I question what is it that has me so perturbed about this seemingly “harmless” act. I know the word/ idea has been taboo for many which might explain my fear of the word. When it comes to the physical action, I guess nothing can truly prepare you for that.

    As of right now, the jury is out. It seems as though no matter how many times I prepare myself or just plain allow it; perhaps I’ll never get used to being spanked despite being attracted to the idea.

  • A Weekend “Away”: That 2020 Life (part one)

    “We’re Still going on vacation!” Sam gleemingfully typed in his message to Valarie as she was getting on the metro. What’s he up to?, she wonders, knowing that she landed the class clown as her live-in boyfriend; hopefully it was a plan to feel relaxed. The train car was filling at each stop, along with the tenseness. “Thank you to our essential workers,” the conductor spoke on the intercom, “Everybody else get the fuck off my train, We need a distance of,” Valarie rolled her eyes and replied to Sam, “as long as I don’t have to hear the words six feet,”

    “They use meters where we’re going,” Sam replied followed by, “jk”. Looking in the mirror he finished buttoning the “uniform” he pulled together from random clothing. Okay, time to go downstairs to the lobby, Valarie will be here any minute now.

    As she walked towards the entrance, she gave Sam a half confused half happy look. “Right this way Ma’ma,” Sam said taking hold of her briefcase and pressing for the elevator.

    Right at the apartment entryway, Sam had his computer set up on the high table, however, he quickly ushered Valerie right passed it, handing her a piece of paper, “The flight is boarding, Ms. Parkland, I’m here to get you through to the gate,” 

    “Okay, I guess,” Valerie said, halfway amused as they approached a tall triangular ladder. Holding a large basket, he attempted to dominantly bark:

    “Shoes!” At which point Valarie busted into somewhat huge laughter. Sam’s not a natural dom, Valarie says to herself, he knows this. “Jacket,” Sam tried to continue, “You think this is a joke Ms. Parkland, we have eight other passengers waiting on you,”

    “Well, yeah,” Valarie tried to compose herself,

    “Good,” Sam said, waving a penis shaped vibrator around her, as if it were a security wand. This is absolutely ridiculous, Valarie said to herself as she grabbed the vibrator right out of Sam’s hands and held it upwards like the celebrities’ hold a microphone at the end of a concert. She unbuttoned her navy blue dress shirt and just let it fall to the floor, as she walked into the living room. Sam followed but waited at the doorway while Valarie sat down in her favorite rocking chair.

    Drawing to add once have cartoonist. Woman holds up penis shaped vibrator as she walks away from a ladder, with the very top of the room beginning to fill with smoke

    “I’m Sam, your Captain speaking,” ” he began, “I’m the only one running this airline as you probably figured out by now, so wish me luck.” 

    The next couple of minutes were uneventful while Valaire looked around the room and indeed there were eight stuffed animals on the couches. In the corner next to the tv; they had a teamaker so she warmed some up and sat back down in a rocking chair, still bemused by this whole stunt. She decided to take her trousers off and hold the vibrater, upside down,

    with the head above her undies, above her clit. Turning it on, it was much stronger than she had braced for; causing her to jolt backward really fast. This of course made the vibrator fall on her and gave the chair a little jolt, right as burnt cake smelling smoke began to fill the room. Woah, this is unintentionally intense, Valarie thought to herself as all three smoke alarms began “ert, ert, ert” wildly. 

    to be continued.

  • Are You Ready? (cont.)

    Dana lay there vulnerable. Her body laid bare for him to admire. Her wetness glistened as he devoured her with his eyes. He had not even touched her body, not fully, yet she felt as though he had touched her soul. He left a trail of burning kisses all along her body as all her doubts and fears disappeared. She watched as he relished in her exposed body, basking in all her glory. He reminded her of a predator, ready to pounce on her defenseless body with the slightest of ease.

    She had been longing for this touch. To feel as vulnerable as she was now. He had complete control over every sensation she was to feel. And control he did. His rough hands brought her to her climax first. Then his tongue multiple times. Her tender orifice pulsed with need as he continued to pleasure her unrelentingly. When she felt as though she could take no more, he released the straps and flipped her over on all fours.

    “Are you ready?”

    His voice was husky now, filled with utter desire. Dana could only utter a low moan. As he entered her from behind, she stiffened as immense pleasure flooded her body once again. He had her on cloud nine, moaning with each stroke. She could think of nothing else that could make her feel aroused. Her moans soon turned into a gasp as she absorbed the impact of his firm hand on her soft bottom. With each stroke his hand created a rhythm against her butt. It was turning her on more than the act of intercourse itself.

    “I’m Ready!” Dana shouted.

    He kept going. Harder and harder. Dana moaned louder and louder. She didn’t care who heard her. This was her release. She could finally let go of the weight that was holding her down. No longer did she feel a stranger to her own body.

    She was freed. 


    After their session was over, Dana snuggled up to her partner. She traced her finger contentedly down his chest. Their roleplay night had been a complete success.