Tinder? Sapiosexuality? Isn’t that a contradiction?

Tinder is personally my favorite dating app, as it focuses my mental energy and actually provides a lot of information beyond a person’s body parts and figure.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than Tinder is a thesis paper

Many dating apps expect the user to send as many messages as possible to the people that demographically match their settings. It can take five, ten minutes or longer to craft a good opening message for somebody whose profile says to be unique or get no response. If they post some details about themselves like what industry they work in or things they like doing, this can give some clues on what to message, but everyone is seeing this information as well.

Spending all that time for someone who demands it on their profile, only to not get a response, got quite frustrating, very quickly. Sometimes those apps will prompt you to bolster your profile, saying that potential matches look at that more than the messages. So I’m taking time to write the message because…?

Apps like Tinder fully understand this. Step one is to make a great profile. Go out there, have someone take some photos of you, learn some more about yourself for the description. Step two is to just decide from the profiles who to invite to send you a message. Step three: focus on the quality of the conversations with the people who want you to.

What do these profiles tell you about the person? Sure how their body looks, but their clothing is on their body, which gives the first insight on the choices they make. Are they formal or causal? Do they care a lot about color matching, etc? Then there is the setting. Many people have five or six photos so we can see where they like to go. The 500 characters is quite a lot for somebody to talk about themselves and then some people choose to use college and job headlines to make a statement.

Those are my thoughts today on sapiosexuality and tinder!

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