Shame Broken (Erotic Fiction)

“See, you’re not a good girl anymore,” the message vibrated off Valerie’s phone, “you’re welcome.” Having collapsed from sheer exhaustion during the night’s unique roughness, the blur slowly came into focus. The last thing that Molly remembered was the rough yet somehow satisfying feeling of her mouth being stuffed and deepened voices cheering.

“Dang it, my jaw is still swollen,” Valerie said to herself. The last object, or was it a person, that was shoved, wasn’t even that big, but all that happened had brought her body beyond any limits that she though she had. It felt so familiar, the rounded tip, the girth, the ripples; that must have been her boytoy. Why else did they blindfold me, she figured, after three hours of near sensory overload from the cluster that surrounded her. He mentioned previously that he wasn’t yet fully confident in his look, at least when compared to others, he must have wanted to keep himself hidden. Or was it that she was meant to fuck somebody unknown; something that she simply couldn’t have imagined herself doing before this night, the night that she handed over the controls.

—post script–

As Valerie got off the couch, she noticed that everybody was gone. Six men, or was it seven? Two seemed vaguely familiar but it hit her that she would never know who they were. Either way she could start to appricate the great service that they had done; freeing her from any thoughts that she was supposed to be a good girl. There’s no going back to those fun ruining thoughts, Valerie said to herself. From now on she will be someone who enjoys her new favorite activity.

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